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Tired of those default, and basic, jQuery themes? You like some parts of the jQuery UI Mobile design? Then Absolution gives you the answer with a beautiful jQuery Mobile inspired theme. It is designed to give you the same experience on your desktop and tweaked to the usual interface guidelines. Even Uniform elements are supported (Wijmo support is high on the wish-list)! And the best of it, it’s pure CSS3 powered!

Direct downloadlatest GitHub commit

Theme Preview

Thanks to the possibility to access raw files from a gitHub public repository the components inside the demo dialogs are always using the latest version of the theme, which is in fact the latest commit done to the repository. Below you can find some demo dialogs which have been made both to preview and test the theme. Click on the thumbnails to go to the dialog demo. There is no actual functionality attached to the dialogs!

Apart from the dialogs, there is also the possibility to check out the, rather dirty, modified jQuery UI component page. It gives you a preview of the Absolution theme for every single component inside the default jQuery UI plugin.


Various applications and websites are now starting to use the Absolution jQuery UI theme. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we’ve added a selection below.

  • ChiMundo
    ChiMundo is a Google Maps mash-up created by Thomas De l’Arbre, Stefan Diels, Bart Bottu and myself for our course on user interfaces. It provides people with both the locality and time of news happening around the world. The Absolution theme is used throughout the complete interface. A video of the working application can be found here.
  • PipeWalk
    PipeWalk is a fun puzzle game which combines the ImpactJS game engine with beautiful styled jQuery UI buttons.

Download & Contribute

A gitHub public repository is being used to collaborate on the code and issues. We kindly advice you to take a look at the Absolution repository which contains all the source files. In the top right corner of the page you’ll find the ‘download’ button, which instantly provides you with the latest version of the Absolution theme. Or you could just download the latest commit here. You can also submit an issue or a patch on the gitHub project page and thus contribute to the further development of the theme.


I designed and coded this theme in my spare time, which I now and then like to spend having a drink. Keeping this hosting up also costs money. If you like the Absolution theme then think about contributing to it and maybe provide me with a drink, or an extra month of hosting by giving me a small donation through PayPal.

35 thoughts on “Absolution jQuery UI Theme

  1. Very nice. An outstanding theme. One of the best I’ve seen. Wish it worked with newer releases. I look forward to future updates – hopefully.

  2. Great theme and excellent work! Rly! Does it also work with UI frameworks that are based on jQueryUI? For instance Primefaces?

  3. This theme looks awesome! But we need to have graceful fall back for browsers without CSS3 support. Otherwise its essentially not useable for real-world applications. I’d be interested in helping too if this project still has some momentum. I’ve recently become a Wijmo follower and would like to flush out the support for Wijmo UI as well.

    • That’s an issue I’ve noted a while ago, however I have a difficult time solving it but I’m making progress. Currently I’m working on a major update with softer color tones and a code cleanup. That’s why the commit is taking this long. Should you’ve found more issues, please submit them on the GitHub repository page where I keep track of them.

  4. That’s some good looking theme, if I may be so rude to make a suggestion: the dotted border on a:active, at least on Windows, looks out of place, maybe getting rid of them makes for a little uncelebrated improvement?

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